Sunday, 24 June 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

The first showers of rains pickles my imagination with greenery and gushing streams of water everywhere.

Bring out the lemon preserves, salt water pickles, aromatic curry preparations, gruel, rice plantings for the next three weeks, its all the furore of soil smooth like liquid foundation , blessed with heavy monsoons  and Gray skies , plenty of smiles and village families engrossed in their fields , the fertile piece of farming land so precious held for generations , will sustain the diet of many families throughout the year.
So I think this hard work will be picturesque  like this Vincent Van Gogh painting as harvest nears in October .
 Art fascinates me, the allure of the paint brush, as the colour strokes applied to the canvas take form and shape, splashes of imagination , create a very sacred vision of expressing varied emotions.

here , a new green colour shade emerges as browns fade away ......

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